When it comes to probate, trust and inheritance, not all attorneys are created equal.

Probate, trust and conservatorship is a complicated legal matter. Don't leave your attorney to chance. Al Mack and his team will refer you to lawyers that are well versed in the intricacies of setting your loved ones' estate and their initial consultation is free.



An attorney will help you itemize and collect the estate’s assets and determine how creditors and taxes will be paid, with the remaining proceeds distributed to the remaining assets to the heirs legally entitled to them.
They will also assist in filing necessary motions and making arguments in court should any creditors or feuding heirs contest.
Too many lawyers only “dabble” in these type of cases, so it is essential for you to choose an attorney that specializes in probate and estate planning.
When it comes to winding down the earthly affairs of a loved one, the documentation is unique, the timelines are unforgiving, and the Superior Court's instructions must be followed to the letter. By selecting the right lawyer early on, you can avoid vexing problems down the road.
Al Mack has built personal connections with competent probate attorneys that will help alleviate the stress and allow you to focus on your myriad other responsibilities.
To make this process a little less daunting, contact our office to be connected with a knowledgeable attorney that will guide you through the many potential pitfalls.




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