Does the estate need immediate liquidity?

Just about every expense that an ongoing household incurs must also be paid in a probated estate. Taxes, utilities, credit card payments, mortgages and other bills unfortunately do not slow down because your inheritance is out of reach.
Perhaps you need immediate cash in order to pay for the repairs necessary to make the estate home presentable to retail buyers.
Whatever the circumstances, if you are waiting for your inheritance to pay out, Al Mack and his team can arrange financing to advance money the Personal Representative and/or the beneficiaries.
Sometimes referred to as “heir funding” or “inheritance funding”, these type of loans are repaid when the property is sold or can be arranged with a simple monthly payment feature. Your past credit history or limited income will not be a barrier to getting you the money you need.
For more information about heir funding and how you can get a financial cushion as the probate process plays itself out, please tell us a little bit about the estate.

Most heirs don’t realize the average inheritance takes more than a year and a half to distribute. An inheritance cash advance lets you access your money when you need it.





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